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Letters to the Editors That Were Never Published is a collection of unpublished letters to the editors of the New York Times.

Houses of New Orleans is a photo book that showcases the beautiful domestic architecture of New Orleans.

The Houses of Key West is a photo book that features the historic architectural designs of Key West in the state of Florida.

Letters to the Editors that Were Never Published

Over the course of the last ten years, Dr. Alex Caemmerer has written well over one hundred letters to the editors of the New York Times, the Record (of Bergen County, New Jersey), and Psychiatric News, a journal aimed at psychiatrists and other behavioral health providers. The letters, arranged in chapters, represent his response to articles on a variety of topics, including psychiatry, psychoanalysis, religion, priests and bishops, depression, violence, homosexuality, and miscellaneous subjects of general interest. Read More

About the Author

I am a practicing psychiatrist, having been a Professor of Clinical Psychiatry , Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, and Director, Psychiatric Clinic at St Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital, NYC. An amateur photographer, I have published two illustrated books on the historic architecture of Key West, Fla and New Orleans, La. I became addicted to writing letters to the editor of he New York Times, the Record of Bergen County, N.J. Newsweek,and other publications. ( A handful made it to print in the Times.) I decided to get them into print in one way or another, so I organized them into chapters, such a Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, Religion, Depression, Homosexuality, and added some essay on a variety of subjects. Read More

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