People have different views of life, of the purpose of our existence and of what is to come after life. Some paint a dreary picture of the future while others are optimistic trying to enjoy each day, and still some others fear and even tremble at what is to come as they observe events and listen to what many say especially from recognized leaders in this area. Why is this so?

The teachings of various religions may have helped shape the perceptions of many believers on the coming of the end, of the world’s possible doom, and earthly life’s final demise. The onset of modern technology may have also largely contributed to the outlook of many. Availability of materials, articles on end times that easily reach the eyes of those frequenting internet cafes, surfing stations and the like, may also have bearing on the thinking of many believers, especially fanatics who often become engrossed on the literal meaning of what they read, perhaps turning perplexed at what they also get to hear around them. This may be so not only for religious zealots for in this age, it is also quite probable that even the ordinary, not so religious individuals may be starting to have changes in their outlook.

With so many happenings around the globe, unfortunate events transpiring in different places, the common man on the street would often ask why these are so. Many are anxious not only about calamities/catastrophes coming more often, but also more of man’s  destruction of one’s self and of this beautiful planet we live in. The proliferation of arms and drugs trade, cyber pornography and several other forms of human degradation lead people to desperation and to question, even the Divine Power that many believe, why these are occurring. Simple, ordinary persons may connect all these transpirations and changes that may not even have been given thought. The Gulf War, the 911 tragedy, internal strifes/rebellion in certain countries/border clashes and other disasters/conflicts have caused strained relationships besides the loss of lives and the sad plight of victims. Terrorism is one culprit that is both destructive and abhorrent.

Who do people, especially victims, blame for the deplorable state they are in? It is not improbable that many believers would turn to God for answers. They may see the repercussions as some sort of punishment for man’s transgressions. Thus, those with religious zeal may perhaps view, for instance, the growth in number of gays/lesbians and same sex marriages as an unhappy state for God. Many believers think that Armageddon, the so-called earth’s final war, is near. Marvin Moore, editor of Signs of the Times, in his article “Armageddon: The Devil’s Payday”, referred to Armageddon as to be truly “the devil’s payday”. He stated that it is a war which begun thousands of years ago when the devil (Satan) rebelled against God. According to him, he got to meet people every now and then who are frightened of the end time that “they weep and wail and wring their hands”. He stated that this is also an age-old conflict between good and evil which has been going on inside us all our lives. Further, the same spiritual and moral issues being made now will be made in the final conflict, hence, the need to prepare for it.

While Armageddon is one final conflict believe by many to happen and is near, there are also other happenings in the world that may hasten the earth and man’s own death. These concern everyone, and may have come to the fore because of man’s greed and uncaring attitude. The impending destruction, perhaps irreversible, of our environment is an urgent issue that should alert all. Harmful chemicals/poisonous waste polluting the waters will endanger all creatures and eventually kill life including humankind. Besides natural calamities that now beset people more often, disasters such as mud flows, floods and landslides are the results of man’s indiscriminate and unrestrained use of nature. To cap this is man’s inhumanity to his fellowmen. Reports of murders, rape and other forms of abuse pose a grave threat to people. Fear is an undeniable feeling when one no longer knows how safe he is, whether on the street or even in his own home. Man’s own wickedness and moral depravity tend to draw the end, his end, nearer.

Religious zealots may not be the only ones who are anxious about the end. All people in this world should be ready as well and make the right choice.

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