Most patients try psychotherapy for the alleviation of uncomfortable symptoms and frustration in their psychological  and emotional growth, and are  discontented with their work situation  and career frustrations. . Most patients feel that they are not achieving what they  should be and have a strong sense that the are more capable and have more potential that is hidden from them. Unconsciously they  feel that they have more to offer and are highly motivated  in achieving more than they have. They feel inhibited and blocked from being their true selves.  As they report details  of their early lives , family interactions and parental attitudes and behavior, the therapist  recognizes the sources of the patient’s clinical  symptomatology , personality inhibitions and  failure to develop and mature normally. With  the interpretation  of the obvious causes and connections of the above,  the patient gains insight into the impact of their developmental experiences, their lives and its results, especially  parental  attitudes and influences on themselves. They gain insight into the origin of their symptomatology and the anxiety and depressive feelings that keep them from growing, achieving, and maturing. Many patients recognize that their negative  identity  is often that of a parent’s and their symptoms  a result of their reaction  to  treatment by that parent  as well as identifying with  parent’s  own psychological problems. As insight is gained  and symptoms resolve, the patient resumes emotional growth and the process of maturing resumes.

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