Years and decades have passed but depression remains the number one cause of committing suicide among individuals. The question is, “Why is depression not well addressed until now?” Why do doctors, scientists, and other healthcare providers find cure for other conditions and not for depression? This is simply because one cannot tell at one look if a person is depressed or not. One cannot see right away if a person is under depression. It is simply because the signs and symptoms of depression are most of the time so confusing.


In this chaotic world, to live and survive is an every day struggle and not all people can handle the struggle right. Struggles can come in the form of financial problems, family problems, personal issues, being bullied in school or at the workplace, or workplace issues. These things, if a person is emotionally strong, can be easily handled, but if not, depression may take place. So how do we know if a person id undergoing or experiencing depression or not? Here are some important signs and symptoms very common among depressed individuals to look into.


Irritability. Most of the time, men and women who are seriously depressed express their feelings through anger, reckless behavior, restlessness or aggression. These individuals cannot control these things and this is a way that they can let their emotions out. Quick to anger and quick to tears, we know when those around us are irritable, we can easily notice and feel it.


Decreased interest in activities. This is one of the common symptoms of depression. These activities can mean pleasurable activities such as sex, hobbies such as playing basketball or editing pictures, or it can also be loss of interest in social interaction. This can also be manifested by neglecting responsibilities and not minding about physical grooming.


Irregular sleeping pattern. The sleep cycle changes in individuals having depression. Most of the time they lack sleep and the quality of sleep they have is intermittent, it comes and goes in intervals. This can be manifested by dark circles around the eyes.


Energy loss. Due to lack of sleep, people under depression feel and appear weak all the time. Even if they have nothing to do, they still feel tired.


Sadness. This includes feeling empty and hopeless. A person cannot control the negative thoughts coming in making him or her very emotional, even they themselves do not understand the reason why it’s happening. Sometimes they just burst out in tears.


Above are the top five most common signs and symptoms of depression. A person may also have physical symptoms such as body pains and digestion problems that are not even related to any medical condition. These symptoms usually do not respond to medical treatment. Oftentimes, individuals who are depressed also tend to have memory problems such as remembering details and special dates. They may feel that their memory processes have slowed down. A lot of times we may see these signs but we tend to neglect it because we see it as a normal occurrence; but we should be mindful of these to be able to identify those who are experiencing depression. We can never tell who is experiencing it. It can be a stranger, a friend, or someone we love. It’s good to be sensitive you know, you might save a life.

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