Religion attracts the interest of polititions more than any time in the past. Th 20th century had a considerable number of publicly well-known Christian evangelists who appeared on TV and radio either as individuals or as speakers to large crowds in athletic stadiums. Their personalities varied as did their individual beliefs, many of which were actually quite unbelievable. The most popular for quite some time was Billy Graham, and later his son Franklin. Among others there were Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and, Harold Camping. The most recent of which is Joel Osteen of Texas.  Billy Graham was invited to the Whitehouse for consultation by several former Presidents and had a vast following all over the world. . However, he also said some unbelievable nonsense at times. He said that he “saw heaven—-it was like a family reunion ‘. He also stated than when Natalie Holloway disappeared,——probably drowned near Aruba and that two small boys were found dead in the back of a station wagon in Camden, NJ, it was a sign that “the end is near”. He also expressed the belief that the Christian God had created in addition to the earth—-, all the millions of stars and planets and galaxies in the universe. Pat Robertson reports that God  told him personally that a tsunami would hit the US that year  and together with Jerry Fallwell that God “ allowed 9/11 to  happen”  to punish America for tolerance of gays and abortion and that there would be  a major terrorist attack in America in 2017. One could go on listing many  curious observations by popular evangelists who seemed to appeal to quite a following.Joel Osteen preached in an enormous auditorium and seemed to be eager to emphasize helping people get rich. These evangelists present dire predictions that have frightening aspects, as opposed to religion that is practiced in most churches by clergy who emphasize the positive aspects of religion, like the love of God.

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